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You’re, ambitious, successful, respected, and you’re driven. You wear many hats and you love your job. You’re an entrepreneur, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 







Too Busy 

  • There’s not enough time in the day to deal with all that’s on your plate.

  • You’re adding items to your to-do list faster than you’re taking them off.

  • Your employees distract you with their needs leaving you little time to focus on your own job.



  • Being at the top means that people expect you to have all the answers.

  • The excitement of growth means you have more to manage and more to lose. 

  • You’re burdened by decisions around risk and reward.


On Unfamiliar Ground 

  • You need new skills.

  • You have new competition.

  • You need to expand or contract.

  • You need help dealing with unfamiliar situations.     


Or you ...


Need to Establish or Modify a Succession Plan 

  • You want to identify the best person(s) to take over             the company.

  • You need help in grooming someone for management.

  • Succession planning can be very challenging and complex in family businesses.

  • An existing succession plan may need updating to reflect changing circumstances.                                                                                                                       

Have Talent Issues

  • The company lacks parity between family and non-family employees and it is causing tension.

  • A family member is not meeting expectations.

  • An employee is not pulling his/her weight.

  • A stellar performer is suddenly floundering.

  • You don’t know what motivates the team members.

  • Department managers are not getting along.


Need to add Structure and Accountability

  • You want to have more effective staff meetings.

  • You need to formalize annual reviews.

  • You want to use outside experts intelligently.

  • Your gut tells you that having an accountability partner will improve your results.



Sometimes though you're ...

Lauren helps clients anticipate and respond successfully to all of these challenges and more.  She will assist you in prioritizing, negotiating, and communicating better, in order to optimize  your business.  She will help you improve your bottom line by developing internal structures, reducing conflicts and distractions, and skillfully navigate new territory .

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Benefits of working with Lauren:

Lauren Connelly Cope

Lauren C. Cope

  • Better decision making

  • Superior negotiating strategies

  • Higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Achievement of short and long term goals

  • Identification of road blocks to your objectives and how to work around them 

  • Improved planning

  • Task prioritization and implementation

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Clear communication

  • Quicker resolutions with difficult employees

  • Closing out overdue matters

  • Accountability so you stay on track   

  • Shifts in your perspective to help you forge ahead successfully

Working together we will formulate goals and actions that are measurable and sustainable, plans that motivate and excite you.



“As an owner of a rapidly growing women's apparel manufacturer, Lauren has helped me handle many new and challenging issues with ease and confidence when I felt at a loss as to what the right approach should be. I have become so much more aware of my goals and how to achieve them.  I'm more focused and less worried about my ability to manage people effectively to achieve these goals as we continue to grow.”


Owner, Habitat, Clothes to Live In


“After just one session with Lauren I was able to see more clearly what my life priorities are and how to spend the time engaging in them.  I was also able to see where I was spending time spinning my wheels on things that weren’t all that important to me at this point in my life.  Lauren’s positive, engaging and intuitive approach to asking the right questions was key in helping me to confidently move forward knowing I was putting first things first.” 


B.G. Business Owner, Psychotherapist  

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