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Coaching is different for each client and company.  It is my job to help clients see a realistic picture of where they are now so that they can find better ways of doing things, and ultimately get more of what they want today and in the future. 


I am not afraid to ask the tough questions and I am also non-judgmental and friendly.  Clients walk away from each meeting with new insights and tools which can be used immediately to improve situations, and discover options that they didn’t know existed. This increases productivity, and perhaps, most importantly, helps people and companies improve their bottom line.


The Process:

After discussing your specific situation and needs, interviewing others when appropriate, and determining the effectiveness and need for assessments, we'll come up with a plan tailor made to your objectives.  That plan may include, one on one coaching, assessments (Behavioral, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills) and team meetings.  The implementation length depends on your specific objectives and typically runs anywhere from 3-12 months.


Career Advancement

For Career Advancement we'll start with a reality check of where you are today and where you want to go.  Based on your objectives and self- awareness, we may use assessments to help uncover any blind spots.   By understanding where your vulnerabilities and strengths are, we'll come up with a plan that maximizes your priorities in order for you to reach your goals as quickly as possible (whether it be a promotion at your existing organization, work with a new company, or a path down a whole new track).


Talent Optimization

For Talent Optimization, the first place we will start is with you.  How you show up every day has a huge impact on how effective you are as a leader and on how others show up.  We want to find out what makes you tick, how others perceive you when you're under stress and how you can be authentic and articulate your objectives clearly. We can achieve that with one on one coaching and through the use of assessments.  Then we'll work with your team having them go through the same process individually with me.  By meeting with each person independently, I can determine how they view the organization, the team, their own role, and your leadership.  We'll work together as a team to improve communication, increase alignment to the organizational objectives, which leads to greater engagement and job satisfaction.

You want people who are fully engaged, who know the role they play and the importance of it, and who fully understand and can state the organization's vision and objectives.  A fully engaged person is a positive contributor to the success of the team, and is excited by being part of a mission. If you want that for your team, contact Lauren today.


Working with Lauren, you will:

  • Achieve short and long term career goals.

  • Develop new leadership skills.

  • Increase employee productivity.

  • Significantly improve your communication skills.

  • Effectively articulate your vision.

  • Quickly resolve issues with difficult employees.  

  • Learn the importance of a balanced team and how to create one. 

  • Acquire new tools to help you motivate and engage your team


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